Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We Have Ways Of Making You Talk

I'm working on a new story. Here's what I've done to try to get my main character to tell me what she really wants:
  • Let her ramble. She likes to talk about everything but her story. Her ramblings are getting tiresome.
  • Took her for long walks. I'm exhausted. Even the dog is tired. Main character is still keeping secrets.
  • Whined about her problems to friends and family. Hmm. Notice that many of them make a quick getaway whenever I mention MC's name.
  • Whined about her problems to other characters. But all they want to do is talk about themselves.
  • Tried meditation. Fell asleep.
  • Ate chocolate. Main character is still telling very little, but hips are getting quite big.
She'll talk. Eventually. They always do.


S A Putnam said...

I know that you will get Miranda to tell you all of her secrets. Of course, you could always give her a few cups of hot cocoa liberally dosed with some white creme de menthe : )

nanmarino said...

Alcohol. Now there's something I hadn't thought of. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get Mom to talk with her - everybody talks with Mom.

nanmarino said...

You're right. Now we have a solution. White creme de menthe and a trip to Massapequa!

cleemckenzie said...

Are you letting Chi into the creme de menthe? She's looking very "de menthed" in that hat!

Have you asked Miranda to discuss things with Chi?

nanmarino said...

Doesn't Chi look mellow? That's her favorite hat. It's from Q&A New Jersey, a virtual reference website.
If you're talking about walks, car rides or food, Chi is a great conversationalist.
By the way, isn't this the month that "Sliding on the Edge" comes out? I can't wait!