Saturday, October 13, 2012

Geeks, Girls and Secret Indentities...and Mike Jung

When my debut middle grade novel turned one year old, I held a blog contest. Because the main character likes to howl at the moon, I asked everyone entering to do the same thing. Many people entered, there was lots of playful banter in the comments and it was great to see such a nice response.
But one person went above and beyond. Risking life and limb, he stood in the middle of a city park at 2am and videoblogged himself howling at the moon. Here's the video.
Anyone who is part of the kidlit blogosphere, Twittersphere, Facebooksphere (I'm making up words here) will recognize the man in the park as the multi-talented Mike Jung.
I wish I could explain what it felt like to watch someone you've never met (in person) give up precious hours of sleep to howl at the moon (at 2am!) because the main character in your first book did.
I vowed then and there that when Mike's first book came out, I would do something really special...something...well...stupendous.
So now is the time for me to make good on my promise.
This month we get to celebrate the launch of Mike's debut middle grade novel
Geeks Girls and Secret Indentities
But how can I top the antics of Mike Jung? Not only is he a writer and an all-around good guy, he also sings, plays a mean ukulele, and writes his own songs. I think he draws too. 
Besides, I am extremely camera shy.
And so I turned to the most valuable member of my marketing team
my dog, Chi.

In this next video, Chi the marketing maven, gets a little more comfortable with her new cape.

Finally, Chi shows her superhero prowess by racing down the street in a full gallop but when it comes to the money shot, she fails to get the job done.

We are storming the streets of New Jersey to get the word out about your new book, Mike!