Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Over the Moon

I have a copy of my book! It came in the mail last Friday. It's beautiful. The cover is indigo. Sometimes it looks blue, sometimes black, depending on the light.
The big moon on the front is shiny. If you run your hands over the cover (and everyone seems to do that) it has a slippery feel. The moon theme continues on the inside. Oh and the dedication page has a rocket on it.
I never imagined it would look this wonderful. I carry it with me pretty much everywhere I go.
Last weekend, I took it to Massapequa to show my family and friends. Check out the "Neil Armstrong Is My Uncle" book launch Easter Egg that my brother Rob made for me. I love that he was able to duplicate that deep indigo blue.
I'm trying to think of words that describe what it feels like to hold your first book. Egg-statically happy? Too corny. Over the moon? That sums it up, exactly.


cleemckenzie said...

Isn't this egg-actly what you dreamed it would be? I'm so happy for you. Can't use egg-static, can I?

Anonymous said...

Over the Moon sounds like a pefect way to describe what you are feeling :) Only 18 more days until the launch...I can't wait to celebrate with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, its Jennifer & Nicole. We can't wait until your new book comes out of Neil Armstrong Is My Uncle and Other Lies Muscle Man McGintly told me.
Oh, and i love the eggs!

nanmarino said...

Hi Jennifer and Nicole. Sorry I didn't see your comments. There's a secret to the eggs. If you use brown eggs, the colors come out jewel-toned. I'm so happy you're going to read my book, and I look forward to hearing what you think about it,