Sunday, September 30, 2012

And the winner is...

Thanks so much for entering the contest and telling me your favorite moon songs.
Here's how I chose the winner....
I printed out the names of all the entries on equal-sized pieces of paper. I lined up all the papers on the floor in the living room, and then I let my dog, Chi, come into the room. Chi loves to chew paper. Bookmarks. Important documents. Twenty dollar bills. She loves them all. (That's what I get for letting her rip up all those rejection letters.) Chi sniffed a bunch but the first name that she put in her mouth was the winner. And the name that Chi chose was....


Congratulations, Pete! 

If you email me your address, I will send you the book.
By the way, Hiding Out At The Pancake Palace is coming out in April, which means I'll be having more contests as the time gets closer.

And please don't forget to celebrate Banned Book Week by reading your favorite banned book!