Saturday, October 23, 2010

Backing Out of a Hasty Facebook Post

So after months of not posting on Facebook, I posted this last Sunday:

Nan Marino has a feeling something important is going to happen today. It's not like I'm expecting news or anything. I don't know if the event will be a good one or bad one. But I could tell from the way the sun came up this morning, today feels like it's anything but ordinary.

I don't know why I said it. It was probably because (thanks to my dog, Chi) I was up way before dawn. So I saw the morning stars, watched the sun come up over the bay and drank the perfect cup of coffee. Caffeine-laced sunrises always make me giddy.

Now, I'm feeling foolish, like I should be making some big announcment: I won the lottery. Discovered a rare and extremely valuable historical relic hidden in the back of an old picture frame. Achieved enlightenment. But my Sunday was very ordinary.

Here are some of the exciting highlights:

*I was so busy writing that I forgot I was toasting some bread in the oven. Ate the edible parts. Gave the burnt parts to the dog.

*Decided I loved what I wrote. I loved my characters. Loved being inside their heads.

*Found a good song on Youtube.

*Wrote more. And reread. Hated every word. My characters were not living up to their potential. I told them it's over. There were other ideas..other stories..other was time. Then I decided it wasn't them, it was me. They were fine. My writing was swill.

*Caught up with an old friend. Drank way too much coffee.

*Spent some time outside with the dog and began to miss my w.i.p.. I went back in and reread. Found some good parts. Even found some parts that made me laugh. And the swill could be fixed. Made up with my characters. We're friends again.

*Reminded myself that my relationships with my w.i.p.s are always complicated.

*Got a gift from my husband for no reason, a beaded bracelet he found at the bookstore.

*Cooked some dinner. Didn't burn it much and went back to writing.

It was pretty dull, right?  And plain and ordinary.  And I hope next Sunday is exactly like it.

Note: We seem to be getting a lot of rainbows lately. This one was taken about a week ago.


Ruth Donnelly said...

It sounds like a very nice day!

nanmarino said...

It was, Ruth. No major crisis. Lots of free time. Had fun writing. Hope tomorrow is that way too.

Nikki said...

Oh, Nan, it sounds perfect. Especially the burning food part - that only happens when you're in the zone. Can't wait to read whatever it is that's caught your interest now.

nanmarino said...

Nikki, You are brilliant! I never thought there was anything positive about burnt food, but I love your zone theory. So here's hoping that tonight's dinner is charred beyond recognition. :)

cleemckenzie said...

So, it sounds like Chi gets the brunt (*chuckle, chuckle, chuckle) of your writing day compulsion. That day sounds very familiar to me. The biggest difference is I don't have a dog to give the burnt parts to. Maybe next year.

Keep writing. Believe in yourself . . . others do.

anna said...

Hmmmm...I wonder if, without realising it, you actually avoided some dreadful happening today and that's why you had the hunch that it was special? Maybe because of the bit of the toast that got burnt you missed out on ingesting some evil bacteria...maybe while you were outside with the dog you missed out on getting bitten by a poisonous spider (pick the Australian commenter). I always cheer myself up with these kinds of thoughts when I miss the bus i.e. maybe I just narrowly avoided sitting next to a sociopath etc...

nanmarino said...

CLee, Chi is always happy to help me eat burnt gluten free toast. It's one of her best qualities. Thanks for the encouraging words.
Anna, I love this! I used to think like this too, but I haven't played this game in a long time. I'm going to go with your poisonous spider theory. Even though that is the least likely scenario here in New Jersey, I'm going to think of that day as the one where I narrowly escaped the spider's clutches.