Thursday, September 9, 2010

Big Birthdays

It's 4:48 in the morning and today is my birthday. I can't believe I'm writing this. I'm not the type of person who mentions that sort of thing. There have been years where if it weren't for my friends and family I would have forgotten about the day completely. And all that attention makes me run the other way.
When I was growing up, my mom would offer to make homemade frosted cupcakes for me to bring to school. Every year I refused. What if the teacher didn't celebrate birthdays or the kids in the class didn't like homemade cupcakes? Come to think of it, in all my years of school that never happened, but September was always the beginning of a new year, and you just never knew.
So maybe the reason I mentioned my birthday is because I'm still in that pre-coffee sleepy state. But it's also a big one, and those always make you feel more contemplative and perhaps a bit more brave.
I've got no major plans for the next decade. Okay, I have a few but I'm not talking about them. I try not to take them too seriously. Plans can scatter. Something as simple as a phone call can change everything. Sometimes that call can bring what you've only dreamed about and other times...well...oh heck, it's my birthday so I'm not going talk about the other times. But let's just say the past decade had a few major twists and turns.
I'm not sure if there really is such a thing as birthday wisdom, but there should be. What's the point of growing older if you haven't learned something? So please forgive and indulge my philosophical ramblings, but you only have big birthdays once every decade so I promise not to do this again until the next one.
Let's talk about your day for a moment. I bet it's going to be busy. I bet it's filled with projects, meetings, chores, a to-do list the size of the state of Texas, lots of unfinished business and then there's that front door that slams shut and you keep telling your husband that it's really bad feng shui and you don't know how to fix it (okay, maybe everyone doesn't have the front door issue). But there's a good chance that some part of your body hurts and you're dealing with a few aches and pains. And I bet there's something that you want to buy that you can't afford. And that there's something you want to do, but you don't have the time to do it.
And that is the good stuff. Really.
Some day it's not going to be like this.
I don't want to cue the scary music here. I mean this in a good way. Change isn't bad. Oh sure. There are going to be some major bumps, but your life could take wonderful turns. Amazing things will happen to you (and to me too). But for better or for worse, there will be a time when your life is very different than the one you have now. So enjoy this day.
I could never have imagined all the twists and turns that my life has taken. And when I was younger, I could never have imagined being where I am. But I'm glad I'm here.


Mike Jung said...

There are, in fact, several parts of my body that hurt this morning, for no discernible reason. But as you say, that's one of the things that happens as you accumulate birthdays. Happy birthday, Nan! Your advice is pretty good for every day, now that I think about it.

nanmarino said...

Thanks, Mike. I'm off to NYC to climb a big bamboo sculpture so I assume I'm going to be in major pain tonight. But is there a better way to spend a birthday than climbing bamboo?

Stephanie J. Blake said...

Have a great birthday! It's the "big ones" that remind us to slow down and savor the moments.

cleemckenzie said...

Happy Birthday, Nan. I know you'll enjoy the day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Nan! I have a big one coming up next February. As long as I feel healthy, I'm happy.

nanmarino said...

Thanks Stephanie, Lee and Karen!
Steph, I did slow down
Lee, it was a great day.
And Karen, you're so right about the health part. :)

Unknown said...

Is this what I have to look forward to in 2 months? Probably not since I'm not nearly as contemplative and wise as you. Just a tad ominous my friend, but always well said.

nanmarino said...

Thanks, Kate, Wasn't going for ominous. Funny how things sink in.

Dana Carey said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nan!
Glad you had a great day. As usual, I enjoyed reading your post. I think you proved there is birthday wisdom after all!

nanmarino said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Dana. It was a great day.

Unknown said...

I gave you an award on my site today! Pick out something nice to wear to awards dinner!

Check In To The ROUS Motel!

nanmarino said...

Thanks for the award! Of course, I'll wear pearls. Glad to see you and your crew of dogs are doing well.