Thursday, February 18, 2010

Magnet Poetry Addictions

My name is Nan Marino, and I am a magnet poetry addict.
They say admitting it is the first step--although it's an addiction I'm not ready to give up.
Those little square words are splattered all over my refrigerator. There are no artful arrangements. Some words are upside down. Some are clumped together. It's a mess. But I love the carelessness, the playfulness, and I can live with the chaos.

One of my favorite things about the magnet words is the font. I'm told that its called Coronet and was designed to "combine old fashioned charm with modern typographic sensibilities." *sigh*

It's fun to word gather. Pick the ones you like and then see if you can turn the jumble into a thought.

Sometimes you don't have all the words you need. Two choices here: Either figure out another way to say it or buy another box of words.

I love seeing the actual physical words in front of me. There's something about the way the each individual word is presented that makes even the most humble word special. I've noticed that seeing the physical word makes me put combinations together that I normally wouldn't.
It makes me look at words differently.


MG Higgins said...

I love word magnets! I have GOT to shove a "must" in that last line; it's driving me crazy. I'd buy another box of words.

nanmarino said...

Mel, I'm going to have to break down and get another box. I thought I had more words. For a while the dog was taking them off the refrigerator. We didn't know it until we caught her red-handed (or red-pawed?) and I wrestled a word away from her. It's so chewed up that I can't tell if the word is "near" or "hear". I use it for both.

Anonymous said...

What a great concept. Now I want my own magnets to create fridge poetry.

Lisa Gail Green said...

Do you think it can help me come up with a title? LOL.

nanmarino said...

Medeia, Having the physical words in front of you is a different experience than writing.

Lisa, Are you searching for a title for your w.i.p?

Donna Farley said...

Great fun.

What is really neat is several writers playing with the magnetic poetry on the fridge at a writers' retreat or conference...

cleemckenzie said...

sad petal whispers
and delicate rainfall
a moments summer music

I've got to get me some word to stick on my fridge.

nanmarino said...

Donna, That does sound like fun. It would be neat to collaborate.
Lee, Hurray! You used the words from my picture!

cleemckenzie said...

Yep I used your words. Does that constitute refrigerator magnet plagiarism?

BTW I've given you The Sunshine Award over at The Write Game. Hope it brings the sun your way.

nanmarino said...

Feel free to use my refrigerator magnet words anytime. Thanks for the Sunshine Award!